Symons Ambulance would like to bring you the best in healthcare wherever you may be.

RAPTOR (Rapid Advance Prehospital Treatment On-Site Resource) is an innovative model of healthcare delivery capable of traveling anywhere in the US that may need a mobile hospital. By delivering services directly, RAPTOR aims to alleviate stress on communities responding to natural disasters or used as a medical resource at music festivals, raves, and other events in remote locations.

You should consider our mobile hospital for circumstances where access to advanced medical facilities is out of reach.

Because RAPTOR can travel anywhere in the US, we will flexibly adapt our services based on the changing needs of the target communities we support. Our mobile hospital runs labs and has a particular room for dispatch who can route our medical staff via GPS when responding to an emergency. RAPTOR is equipped with an X-ray and ultrasound machine and has beds inside for patient examinations as well as a canopy in front that extends out to allow for 25 additional beds.

With our mobile hospital, we aim to reach vulnerable populations while facilitating access to quality healthcare. Whether rooted in the desert at a music festival or up in the mountains responding to a forest fire, Symons’ RAPTOR is here to provide accessible and sustainable support with excellence that matches traditional healthcare settings.

To continue as the leading provider of custom prehospital solutions for our clients, while providing superior service, professionalism, and state-of-the-art medical care.

For more than 20 years Symons Ambulance has been serving southern California with one-stop, hassle-free emergency medical services.