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IMG_7807Objectives. To prospectively determine if on-site physicians at a mass gathering reduced the number of ambulance transports to local medical facilities. The authors also wished to determine the level of care provider (emergency medical technician, EMT-P, registered nurse, or medical doctor) required to treat and disposition each patient. Methods. This study determined whether each patient presenting to on-site first aid stations at California Speedway during a large motorsports event would require ambulance transport to the hospital per the local emergency medical services (EMS) protocols. Whether the on-site physician prevented certain ambulance transports also was determined. Additionally, the

admin-ajax.php-2INTRODUCTION Ernest Hemingway reportedly stated, ‘‘There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.’’ This comment may have been made at least partially because of the high risk of significant injury and even death from these pursuits when compared with the typical ‘‘stick and ball’’ sports. This article reviews the history of motocross, the relevant medical literature, the unique medical issues, safety equipment, and the expert recommended approach to providing support for such events. Motorcycle racing is generally divided into on-road and off-road.

admin-ajax.php 3Introduction Electronic dance music (EDM) festivals, also known as raves, are large dance parties attended by up to 100,000 or more people. Raves frequently have elaborate light shows and visual displays that combine the feel of a carnival with loud electronic music and all-night dancing. Compared to their underground roots, raves are becoming increasingly popular and mainstream and have been associated with the use of illicit drugs. Raves have generated significant controversy due to the alleged deaths attributed to the drugs taken at the festivals (20). Little has been published in the medical literature describing the best way to provide medical care at such events. This article will describe the medical care provided at some of the largest EDM festivals in the United States, compare such medical care with other large events, and offer recommendations in planning for such an event.

admin-ajax.php 4More than 250,000 spectators filled the California Speedway for the NASCAR Nextel race during Labor Day weekend in 2005, making it the highest attended sporting event in California. The event itself employs thousands more, not including the race drivers and supporting teams. Because of the large crowds and predictable trauma at such locations, on-site EMS must always be at its best. However, during large-scale events, it can be difficult to determine which individuals definitely require extended services. Transports that end up being costly and unnecessary for patients may be avoided in some cases with additional resources—such as telemedicine.

CONCERT MEDICINE Grange et al. • MEDICAL PROBLEMS AT CONCERTS Concert Medicine: Spectrum of Medical Problems Encountered at 405 Major Concerts

Poster-15-disaster-drillJEFF T. GRANGE, MD, STEVEN M. GREEN, MD, WARREN DOWNS, MD PHYSICIANS are increasingly called upon to organize medical support for mass gatherings such as commercial concerts. Currently individuals and organizations planning such support have little reliable information to assist them in determining what specific personnel and equipment are necessary to optimally support a specific music event. Mears and Batson1 have reported patient loads at general mass gatherings as ranging from 1.2 to 60 patients per ten thousand spectators (PPTT).