The Ecstasy Games: What Can the Sports Medicine Community Learn from Raves?

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Electronic dance music (EDM) festivals, also known as raves, are large dance parties attended by up to 100,000 or more people. Raves frequently have elaborate light shows and visual displays that combine the feel of a carnival with loud electronic music and all-night dancing. Compared to their underground roots, raves are becoming increasingly popular and mainstream and have been associated with the use of illicit drugs. Raves have generated significant controversy due to the alleged deaths attributed to the drugs taken at the festivals (20). Little has been published in the medical literature describing the best way to provide medical care at such events. This article will describe the medical care provided at some of the largest EDM festivals in the United States, compare such medical care with other large events, and offer recommendations in planning for such an event.

Before discussion is undertaken on the best way to provide medical care at EDM festivals, it is beneficial for those planning medical care at an EDM festival to examine data regarding ecstasy and other drugs utilized at EDM festivals, as well as the toxicology, in greater depth. Although methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, ecstasy, or X) is the signature drug at raves, other drugs are seen

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