Frank Thomason – REM SAT MX

Frank Thomason – REM SAT MX

I just wanted to thank you and the Symons staff for what I consider to be the best Emergency Services in the business. REM has been around for over 26 years now. We have had many “Ambulance” companies over that time. Symons has been without a doubt the best we have ever dealt with. As someone who takes a serious and keen interest in my racers health and safety I would like to relate a little story.

When we were at Carlsbad Raceway I frequently has reachers come to me and tell me that if anything happened to them on the track to attend to them myself, and not have the ambulance crew touch them. Several of these were actual doctors themselves. I have had quite a bit of first aid training over the years, and the pack that I carry around is full of first aid supplies. For the past several years while I still have the pack with me, I don’t have the need to watch over Symons crew to make sure they are doing their job. I know that my racers are getting the best care possible.

Our favorite staff is Crystal. She is our good luck charm. I know that she has had some really difficult cases in the past year or so, but she handles them like the professional that she is. She is as perfect as possible for her job, caring, sympathetic, professional, passionate, and knows how to handle the ugliest of situations.

I know all to well that usually when you receive an email it is someone unhappy about something, or telling you how to do your job. I just wanted you to know that having promoted over a thousand motocross races, dropping the starting gate over 25,000 times, that symbols in the absolute best.

Thanks for making REM a safer place to race.

Frank Thomason - REM SAT MX
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